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Trainer for the online course in peace and conflict work


The Academy for Conflict Transformation, a department of the Forum Civil Peace Service (forumZFD) conducts the “Online Course in Peace and Conflict Work” in the English language from March 07 until June 16, 2022. The course takes place fully online through our Learning Management System (LMS) ILIAS.

The Academy is searching for facilitators for the conception and implementation of different topics throughout Modules 2 – 4 of the course. Module 2 lasts 4 weeks while Modules 3 and 4 last 3 weeks each and covers a maximum of 2 topics. The tender divides those topics into lot numbers (see annex 1 in the document below). Tenders can be submitted either for one or for more lots.

The 15-week online course aims to equip peace workers and those planning to work in the field with both basic and appropriately complex theories and practical understanding of the conflict dynamics and their creative, non-violent transformation. These include the basic definition of the terms used in civil conflict transformation (peace, violence, non/violence, and conflict transformation), learning and practicing a number of methods and tools that could be applied/adapted by the participants on their own contexts, and as well provide a platform for critical reflection to understand one’s role/s and attitude/s as ‘workers’ in the field.

The course Modules are divided into two sections: a facilitated 2-hour live session, 2 times a week, Mondays and Thursdays and approximately 8 hours per week of self-paced learning where participants work through multimedia learning materials as well as tasks.

The exact time-slot for the live sessions will be decided once we have a clear overview of the time zones of the participants and the trainers, at the latest in the beginning of January. The course will therefore be either from 9:00 to 11:00 CE(S)T, or from 4:00-6:00 PM CE(S)T.

The Online Course consists of five modules:
Module 1 (facilitated by the educational consultants – from 07.03. to 27.03.22)
- Basic Theoretical Foundations: meaning of peace, conflict, violence, security, transformation and peacebuilding.
- Trust-building: getting to know the group and creating a safe space for learning and sharing.
- Brainstorming of project ideas and formation of project groups.

Module 2 (Lot 1 – from 28.03. to 24.04.22)
- Power and Identity (Lot 1a): Exploring the concepts of power, identity, intersectionality, post colonialism and the importance of those within the peacebuilding field.
- Conflict analysis (Lot 1b): Understanding the relevance and use of conflict analysis, introduction to systems thinking and to systemic conflict analysis.

Module 3 (Lot 2 – from 24.04 – 15.05.22)
- Conflict-sensitive approach to project work (Lot 2): Entry points for interventions based on the results of the conflict analysis, designing peace projects, Do No Harm and its integration into PME.

Module 4 (Lot 3 – 16.05 to 05.06.22)
- Conflict Transformation in Practice (Lot 3-a): Reflecting on one’s own role, motivation, mandate and legitimization as a peace worker. Discussing the complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty connected with peace work, and introducing a specific conflict transformation approach/method based on the facilitators core expertise and ground experience: either on Dialogue, on Mediation, or on Creative Approaches.
- Self-care and awareness (Lot 3-b): Identifying resources for well-being and self-awareness on an individual level. Sharing experiences on self-care mechanisms on a group/team level. Reflecting on the question on how to create a culture within organizations, that foster self-care.

Module 5 (facilitated by the educational consultants – from 06.06 to 19.06.22)
- Integration

Desired competencies
Trainers who submit tenders must fulfill the following profiles:
- Substantial theoretical knowledge and practical experience on the course subject;
- Extensive experiences as a trainer/s and previous experience/s on the use of online educational/learning methods and digital facilitation;
- Full English proficiency;
- Substantial work experience in a project abroad in the areas of Civil Peace Service, Development Aid, Humanitarian Aid, Civil Protection or International Peace Work; and
- Excellent communication and reflection skills, and the adaptability and ability to deal with conflicts and challenges.
Relevant academic background and professional experience in the corresponding subject of the course.
  • English

Work experience
  • Experience in the corresponding subject of the course, 1 year(s)
Working conditions
Duration of contract

For lot 1a und 1b are 10 working days calculated, for the trainer tandem of Lot 2 a total of 16 days


Daily fee of 650€ (excl. VAT)

Contract start date

28th March 2022

Academy for Conflict Transformation

The Academy for Conflict Transformation within the Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst...

Application and selection procedures

7th November 2021

Assessment exercise

45% Qualification and experience
- educational background and further education
- training experience, use of digital learning methods and tools, practical project experiences in the field
- expertise on the subject
55% Concept
- full outline
- use of appropriate online methods and tools to convey the content

How to apply

For details concerning the course procedure, preparation of units as well as services from the
side of the customer/of the principal, please consider the full call for tenders including a template concept:

The proposals should include:
- A CV and a cover letter explaining your motivation and working approaches
- A course concept and outline

Please submit all documents in English.

Please send your proposal to Vi Pundt ( Please make sure to
clearly state in the email subject [Surname, Name, Online Course, Lot Number]

Information and further queries
Contact person

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