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Facilitator or facilitator tandem for a presence training on peacebuilding in kosovo


The Academy for Conflict Transformation, a department of the Forum Civil Peace Service (forumZFD) is looking for a facilitator or facilitators tandem to conduct a 3-day presence training on “Peacebuilding in a nutshell” for youth activists in Kosovo. The training shall take place from Friday, November 19 in the afternoon to Sunday, November 21 in the afternoon, with a 3-hour session on Friday; two sessions of 3,5 hours on Saturday; one session of 4 hours on Sunday. In-session breaks should be taken into consideration. The maximum number of participants will be 16.
The facilitator(s) would be responsible for the conceptualization and implementation of the training, supported by and in agreement with the Academy’s team and the Kosovo Program Team.
Phase 3 of the project “The Future We Want” in ForumZFD’s country program in Kosovo aims at empowering youth to challenge stereotypes and ethno-centric narratives, and thus become actors for positive social change. With this objective in mind, a Winter School for youth activists (18 – 26 years old) will be organized, where they will, on the one hand, get a better understanding of the foundations of peacebuilding and, on the other, gain hands-on skills and tools to implement that learning in peace activism projects. The first part of this project phase consists of a 3-day training on the foundations of peacebuilding.

Course content:

a) Foundations of peacebuilding (around 6 hours)

Terminology and key concepts: peace, violence, conflict, conflict transformation, social change.
Basic tools for conflict analysis (identifying actors, position, interest and needs; basic understanding of conflict dynamics)
Understanding own conflict behaviour style
Key insights and impulses on the current challenges and potential of conflict transformation in the region

b) Anti-discrimination (around 3 hours)

Sharing challenges, experiences & best practices
Reflection on the role of discrimination in the regional context; link to reconciliation, healing and peacebuilding
Self-reflection and awareness of own biases and stereotypes

c) Gender and intersectionality (around 3 hours)

Interplay of gender, class, age, ethnicity and other social constructs; importance of intersectionality for understanding conflict dynamics and social transformation
Strategies for understanding and including gender as cross-cutting issue in peacebuilding work

d) Space for reflection, exchange and integration (around 2 hours)

Exploring own role of participants in society and their own potential and possibilities for contributing to social transformation
Connecting the dots, drawing conclusions and extracting individual lessons learned

Learning Objectives

By the end of those 3 days, participants should have…
…gained a better understanding of what peacebuilding is, how conflict transformation can look like and what exactly their role can potentially be in contributing to positive social transformation
…become familiar with the two thematic foci of “Dealing with the Past” and “Gender and Intersectionality”, understanding the role they play in conflict dynamics and gaining a first idea of how to integrate them in peacebuilding activism
…engaged in peer-to-peer exchange and feedback to create a stronger network of youth activists and generate a feeling of trust and support in the group
…worked with creative and innovative approaches, approaching the topics through their own perspective as youth and exploring facilitation methods that they themselves can later use with other peers, and which respond to the needs, lifestyle and interests of this age group

Facilitation of the course implies, from the side of the facilitator(s):
- Being present in the “Take-off session” – online, 2 hours, one of the evenings during the week previous to the training (exact date and time tbd)
- Being present in the “Landing Session” – online, 2 hours, date and time tbd
- Designing, conceptualizing and preparing all sessions for the 3-day training, in agreement with the organization team of ForumZFD.
- Final training outline to be delivered November 15
- Preparing a preliminary script for each of the sessions with the main points of discussion and key terminology. The script will be translated and distributed to participants in their own language, to ensure that they can all follow the input and plenary discussions
- Script for all the sessions to be delivered November 16
- Facilitating all sessions during the training (November 19 – 21)
- Providing participants with the necessary learning material for before, during and after the training
- All learning material to be compiled by November 24
- Elaborating a short evaluation report of the training
- Report to be submitted by November 30
- Conducting one evaluation and debrief call with the organization team

Desired competencies
The following criteria have to be fulfilled:
- Substantial knowledge of the training subjects, experience in peacebuilding and conflict transformation and familiarity with the approach of the civil peace service
- Substantial experience as a trainer/facilitator, ideally with youth groups or in similar settings
- Experience in the region and in-depth understanding of the social context and conflict dynamics in Kosovo and neighboring countries
- Excellent skills of the course language (English). Knowledge of Albanian and/or Serbian is an asset.
- Skills and readiness to shift the training to an online format, shall this be necessary as the dates approach and depending on the developments around the pandemic.
- Experience training in multilingual environments would be an asset.
Relevant academic background and professional experience in the corresponding subject of the course.
  • English

Work experience
  • Experience in the corresponding subject of the course, 1 year(s)
Working conditions
Duration of contract

The Academy offers a total of 3 days implementation, 1,5 days preparation and 1 day debrief for the


Daily rate: 650 €

Contract start date

19th November 2021

Staff benefits

Accommodation and meals during the training will be organized by our hosts in the Kosovo program. Travel costs will be reimbursed.

Academy for Conflict Transformation

The Academy for Conflict Transformation within the Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst...

Application and selection procedures

1st November 2021

Assessment exercise

Please find more information here on our website:

How to apply

The proposals should include:
- A short CV with a focus on the relevant experience related to this training
- A course concept with the structure, the content of each unit (around 2 – 3 bullet points per session) and the methods and approaches that would be used.

Please submit all documents in English.

We look forward to receiving your expression of interest by November 1st. The talks with potential trainers / teams will be carried out in the first week of November, and a final decision will be met directly afterwards, to ensure sufficient time to move into the conceptualization phase and make travel arrangements.

Information and further queries
Contact person

María Requena López

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