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Trainer full-time course in peace and conflict work


1. Order description

The Academy for Conflict Transformation, a department of the Forum Civil Peace Service (forumZFD), conducts the “Full-Time Course in Peace and Conflict Work” in the English language. The course takes place from September 5 until November 13 2022 in the venue „Arbeitnehmer-Zentrum Königswinter“ in Königswinter, Germany.

The Academy is searching for training facilitators for the conception and implementation of course and seminar units. Each course and seminar unit has a clear date and a clear lot number. Trainers can submit tenders for a maximum of two lots.

2. General course description

The ten-weeks Full-Time Course consists of three parts:
- During the full-time course, a closed group of 14 international participants work together for the first three weeks. For one thing, this enables the participants to work intensively on the content. At the same time, it offers the chance for reflecting on the group process in relation to peace- and conflict-related issues. These participants stay in the course over the full 10-week period.
- In weeks 4-7 various seminars are focused on methodology, which are also open to external participants. In these seminars, the participants will learn the methods of conflict analysis and project development within the area of civil conflict transformation, as well as how to apply and adapt these methods in a practical setting.
- To conclude, the participants work together again in a closed group for three weeks, where they will apply and evaluate their acquired knowledge in a complex conflict simulation.

The aim of this course is for the participants to acquire the fundamental skills and knowledge to work on the diverse and multi-faceted field of peace and conflict. The consolidation of the participants’ sense of self, awareness of own patterns, attitudes, behaviors, biases, needs and limits, as well as understanding of group dynamics and the importance of communication are core issues to the course, and are not only worked in through a theoretical input, but are consistently brought to the focus through the encouragement of self- and group reflection.

3. Procedure and services of the customer and the principal

The customer shall perform a seminar (preparing, conducting and reporting) within the scope of the Full Time Course in Peace and Conflict Work (for further details see Annex 1 Overview of Lots and Course Units).

The work consists of providing the following:
- Development of a training-design for the module, during which the content should be covered in a structured and coherent manner, being in constant communication with the co-facilitator (when applicable), the contractor and the participants, and realizing possible necessary adaptations.
- Facilitation of the module in presence.
- Participation in a virtual trainers meeting as part of the preparation for the course.
- Being available for a feedback talk.

The maximum number of participants during the closed sessions is 14 and 18 in the open sessions.

Desired competencies
The following five criteria have to be fulfilled:

- Substantial knowledge of the theory of the course subject
- Substantial knowledge of adult education through long-term experience as trainer (knowledge of methods and approaches) respectively
- Excellent facilitation and communication skills, as well as proficiency of the English language.
- Relevant professional experience
- Communicative attitude, especially with the course team, self-awareness, openness to feedback and ability to deal with conflicts in a constructive manner.
See above.
  • English

Work experience
  • Conflict Transformation, 1 year(s)
Working conditions
Duration of contract

September 5 - November 13 2022


Daily fee of 650€

Contract start date

5th September 2022

Academy for Conflict Transformation

The Academy for Conflict Transformation within the Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst...

Application and selection procedures

27th April 2022

Assessment exercise

The selection will be done in line with the following criteria.

Qualification and experience (45 %)
- educational background and further education
- training experience, use of adult learning methods and tools, practical project experiences in the field
- expertise on the subject

Concept (55 %)
- full outline
- use of appropriate methods and tools to convey the content

How to apply

The proposals should include:

- A CV and a cover letter explaining your motivation and working approaches
- A course concept and outline

Please submit all documents in English.

For inquiries regarding the course or the application process please contact Irene dela Torre (

Please send your proposal to Vi Pundt ( Please make sure to clearly state in the email subject [Surname, First Name, full-time Course, Lot Number]

We look forward to receiving your expression of interest by 27.04.22

Information and further queries
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