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Creative Approaches to Conflict Transformation: Qualities and skills of facilitation

4th May 2020
8th May 2020
5 Days
Skill level
On campus

This course introduces different embodied and creative means of conflict transformation and, through their practice, trains participants in relational skills, qualities and competences as future facilitators.

Throughout the course, participants get to understand and train peace and conflict work as a comprehensive and relational practice that addresses not just the rational intellect, but potentially includes all parts of the human being. We will work with a range of different creative approaches. Emphasis will be placed on embodied practices of movement (theatre, dance) and dynamic breath as well as creative means of expression and reflection (journaling, painting, contemplation).

Working with group-dynamics and self-exploration participants directly experience the methods themselves and learn how to work with each other in the safe frame of a training setting. This will allow participants to identify their strengths and unfold their potential as current and future facilitators of learning processes.


Participants will become familiar with:

- Embodied practices and creativity for facilitation
- Theater, dance, dynamic breath, painting, contemplation
- Group dynamics and self-exploration as resource for facilitation
- Relational skills and qualities



Johannes-Albers-Allee 3 53639 Königswinter Germany

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  • Conflict transformation
  • Culture and identity
  • Leadership
  • Peace education
  • Peacebuilding
  • Cultural awareness & communication
Languages English
Evaluation Presence
Target Audience
  • General public
  • NGO staff
  • Youth workers
  • Teachers
  • Group Work and Collaborative Problem-Solving
  • Methods for Reflection
  • Arts-based Methods
No of Participants 12
  • Not available
  • Not available
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