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Application Deadline
1st November 2020
1st February 2021
5th February 2021
Skill level
On campus
1.500 - 750 €

Peace work without appropriate communication is impossible.
Many phrases can stabilise or destabilise a situation. Successful
peace processes are based on an appropriate and respectful
This training gives an introduction into various forms and formats
of communication; it is not an in depth training or any single
approach. Rather participants will gain insights into selected
methods and have the opportunity to apply these methods to
their own communication and/or case studies. Key methods
used are active listening, reflection, non-violent communication
according to Marshall Rosenberg and the phases of mediation.
Participants will assess the strengths and weaknesses of these
methods in order to enrich their constructive communication.
The training is relevant for all who are involved in peace work
and need to communicate constructively with respect and authenticity.


Participants are able to
• to assess the strengths and weaknesses of communication
• to analyse and distinguish the layers of verbal and non-verbal communication
• to analyse the communication in a given situation and to react and act in a constructive manner
• to communicate using nonviolent communication methods e.g. active listening, reflection and mediation


English fair

Kirchstr. 14 29462 Wustrow (Wendland) Germany

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  • Civilian peacekeeping and accompaniment
Languages English
Evaluation Zertifikat
Target Audience
  • NGO staff
  • Group Work and Collaborative Problem-Solving
No of Participants 18
  • Not available
  • Certificat
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