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Strategic Dialogues in Peace Processes (virtual course, 6 half-days)

31st August 2020
2nd November 2020
10th November 2020
6 Halbtage
Level der Fertigkeiten (Skills)
1100 Chf

Dialogue is a practical and effective method for transforming conflicts. Given the complexity of today’s conflicts, peace processes require different initiatives to address multiple conflict dynamics and causes. Besides formal peace negotiations and mediation between warring parties, broader peace processes encompass strategic dialogues at various levels of society. Building understanding and trust among diverse societal groups, strategic dialogues have the potential to prevent violence, foster social cohesion, and improve relations between the population and governmental institutions.

In this virtual course, participants gain insights into the complex challenges and opportunities of strategic dialogue in peace processes. It provides an in-depth training for peace practitioners facilitating and supporting strategic dialogues.


By completing this course, you will acquire conceptual understanding as well as practical tools and skills that help you facilitate and support dialogue processes more effectively. Beyond discussions of the instrument of dialogue in peace processes, the course focuses on practical application through case studies, exercises, and reflection on own cases.

As a participant, you will:

- learn how to assess the use of dialogue in complex peace processes by gaining a thorough understanding of the opportunities, challenges and requirements of a strategic approach towards dialogue;
- learn how to adaptively design strategic dialogue processes based on conflict analysis and consultations with stakeholders;
- learn how to prepare, promote and conduct locally-owned dialogue processes in a conflict-sensitive way;
- identify best practices with dialogue practitioners from different contexts;
acquire communicative and methodological skills related to dialogue facilitation;
- exchange experiences and become part of a community of practice.


Candidates must have:

at least two years of professional experience
a good command of English.

Please also note that your participation requires the following technical requirements:

Internet connection: Stable connection with sufficient bandwidth
Hardware: Laptop/ PC, headphones or speaker, microphone and camera (webcam)

University of Basel 4001 Basel Schweiz

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  • Diplomatie
  • Konfliktmanagement & Konfliktlösung
  • Mediation & Verhandlung
  • Friedenserziehung
  • Friedenskonsolidierung
Sprachen English
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