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Peace and Conflict Work (Intensive Full Time Training)

Fecha de inicio
25th March 2019
Fecha de finalización
29th May 2019
Nivel de capacidad
On campus

The full-time course in peace and conflict work offers a wealth of opportunities to gain and apply knowledge and skills relevant to conflict transformation. It is as much about acquiring relevant specialist knowledge as it is about learning appropriate and well-established methods and skills.

Week 1: Welcome and Introduction
Week 2: Steping into the field of peace and conflict work
Week 3: Congruent communication in intercultural contexts
Week 4: Self-care and awareness in peace work

Week 5: Systemic Conflict Analysis
Week 6: Peace and conflict projects - challenges and opportunities
Week 7: Constructive Third Party Intervention
Week 8: Creative Methods for Conflict Transformation

Week 9: Conflict Simulation
Week 10: Course Wrap-up


Through self-reflection and group discussion you will work on your own attitude, communication and behaviour. We provide you with a suitably complex theoretical and practical fundamental understanding of conflict dynamics and their non-violent transformation within peacebuilding work. This includes clarifying the key concepts of civil conflict transformation as well as providing a deeper understanding of your role and attitude as an expert in this field.

Your professional and life experiences as well as the expertise acquired during overseas projects in civil conflict transformation, development cooperation or related fields form the starting point for the collective learning experience in an intercultural setting. Observations during the course, both inside and outside the classroom, will also become a resource for joint exploration of the subjects of peace and conflict. The combination of techniques based on experience and dialogue with traditional learning methods will allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of conflict transformation.

After this course, you will have:

- Acquired deep understanding of confict dynamics
- Learned specific tools and methods for conflict analysis, transformation strategies and project entry points
- Practiced an extensive set of communication tools for more congruent intercultural understanding
- Got familiarized with the basis of mediation, negotiation and dialogue processes
- Explored the aspects of self-care awareness necessary for field work
- Experienced the impact of creativity and art for peace and conflict work
- Undergone a conflict simulation


- Motivation and vision for workin in the field of conflict transformation
- Willingness to reflect on your own preconceptions and behaviour
- Willingness to engage in groups and learning processes
- Fluent written and spoken English

- Completed professional/vocational training
- Minimum of two years of work experience
- One continuous year spent living and/or working abroad

Am Koelner Brett 8 50825 Cologne Alemania

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  • Transformación de conflictos
  • Mantenimiento civil de la paz y acompañamiento
  • Análisis de conflicto
  • Consolidación de la paz
  • Gestión de proyectos sensible al conflicto
  • Diseño de programación de consolidación de la paz y prevención
Idiomas English
Evaluación Assessment of the participation and contribution
  • Trabajo de grupo y resolución colaborativa de problemas
  • Caso práctico
  • Juego de roles
  • Simulación
  • Métodos de reflexión
  • Métodos basados en el arte
Número de participantes 12
  • No disponible
  • Peace and Conflict Consultant

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