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Advanced HEAT Course (EU Entri Curriculum)

Fecha de inicio
19th September 2022
Fecha de finalización
23rd September 2022
Nivel de capacidad
On campus
€ 3.750,-

Be prepared for travelling and working in high & extreme risk areas

When you are being deployed and work in high and extreme risk areas, your personal safety and security is vital. You want to focus on the mission and therefore you need the skills to operate safely in these areas.

The Advanced HEAT Course (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) will give you a rational attitude and self-confidence, thus increasing your personal and professional effectiveness in the field. This course is based on the (EU) Entri Curriculum.

Why choose an Advanced HEAT Course?

Safe learning environment

A safe learning environment is maintained at all times during the course. There are more than 10 different trainers and actors involved in this course. There are always professionals present for supervision and to offer advice. If you need extra personal guidance, before, during or after the course, we have the professionals and time to accommodate this.

Submersed in a scenario of hyper-realistic simulations

The course methods are based on role-playing, hyper-realistic simulations and a continuous storyline. You will be submerged in a scenario for four days. The course is situated in a professional exercise centre. Theory and practical learning are combined with situation updates that will require action from your team. You will travel to several locations and will be confronted with ethical dilemmas, hostile situations and constant pressure due to insecurity.

Your own medical kit and instruction cards

During the course, you will receive a medical emergency kit (value € 99,-) to take along on your next missions. The content of the kit is specially selected for remote areas without nearby proper medical facilities. You will also receive instruction cards. On these waterproof and compact information cards, you will find a summary of the most important modules of the HEAT course.


Content & subjects:

Security & Situational Awareness
Field Security Plans
Risk Assessment & Mitigation
Gender-Specific Risks
Personal Risk Profile
Contingency Planning
Hibernation/ Relocation/ Evacuation
Communication Skills (in the field)
Radio & Satellite Phone
Basic Land Navigation
Map, Compass & GPS Reading
Convoy Travel Security
Medical Accident Control
Life-Saving Skills in Remote Areas
Dealing with Aggression
Personal Survival and Mental Welfare
Stress Management
Hostage Prevention & Survival
Helicopter Safety
Field Safety Skills
Checkpoints & Road Blocks
Active Shooting, Ambushes and Carjacking
Ammunition and Weapon Awareness
Simulations and Field Exercises



Laan 1914, nr. 41 3818 EX Amersfoort Países Bajos

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Other course dates
Start Date End Date
19th September 2022 23rd September 2022
21st November 2022 25th November 2022
  • Cooperación cívico-militar (CIMIC)
  • Mantenimiento civil de la paz y acompañamiento
  • Análisis de conflicto
  • Gestión de conflictos y resolución de conflictos
  • Prevención de conflictos
  • Seguridad y protección personales (incl. gestión del estrés etc.)
  • Formación previa al desplazamiento para civiles
  • Formación previa al desplazamiento para militares
  • Formación previa al desplazamiento para policías
  • Gestión de crisis
  • Sensibilización cultural y comunicación
Idiomas English
Evaluación Evaluation
  • Clase magistral
  • Trabajo de equipo y resolución colaborativa de problemas
  • Estudios de caso
  • Dramatización
  • Simulación
  • Métodos para reflexión
Número de participantes 14

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