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Basic HEAT Course (Hostile Environment Awareness Training)

25th October 2021
27th October 2021
3 days
On campus
Coûts/Frais d’inscription
€ 2.450,- (2021)

The Basic Safety and Security Course is a HEAT training (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) equivalent and prepares you for traveling or being deployed to unsafe areas overseas.

Are you fully prepared for working and travelling in unsafe areas? Are you capable of dealing with possible life-threatening situations and will you be able to function optimally despite the circumstances? Our Basic Safety & Security Course is designed to prepare and train aid workers, researchers and other employees of NGOs and government agencies for working and travelling in unsafe areas.

The Basic Course is based on practical exercises and realistic simulations.
We believe in the power of simulation. Our specialists offer you the opportunity to respond to threatening situations in a safe learning environment. These simulated exercises are so realistic that you will feel they are really happening. You will learn your own instinctive responses. Our experienced trainers and professional actors provide you with the tools with which you can react to these situations. From day one, you’ll be immersed in a realistic storyline. During the HEAT training, you are part of a team that is on a mission in a dangerous country. While travelling through this country, you’ll be exposed to dangerous situations. Together, we navigate these situations and through practice learn how to manage them.

Further information
• Language: English (incompany also in French and Dutch)
• Duration: 3 days, including two evening programmes (32 hours)
• Breakdown of time: 30% theory, 30% practice, 40% simulations
• Group size: maximum 14 (during simulations maximum of 7)
• Venue: Soesterberg, the Netherlands
• Dietary wishes: vegetarian/vegan/halal/other meals
• Certification: on completion of the course you will receive a certificate
• Keep your training up to date: We ensure that your training stays current by offering you a free e-learning programme after
one year.


• Security Awareness
• Gender Safety
• Stress and Trauma
• Dealing with Aggression
• Integrity & Ethics
• Field Safety Skills
• Communication Skills
• Ammunition & Weapon Awareness
• Medical Accident Control
• Hostage Survival
• Simulation Exercises



Amersfoortsestraat 20 3769 AS Amersfoort Pays-Bas

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  • Observation électorale
  • Personnel civil de maintien de la paix et accompagnement
  • Développement institutionnel / Renforcement de capacités
  • Sécurité des personnes (dont gestion du stress et autre)
  • Formation pré-déploiement pour personnel civil
  • Formation pré-déploiement pour personnel de police
  • Sensibilisation culturelle et communication
Langues English
Évaluation Evaluation
Public cible
  • Fonctionnaires gouvernementaux
  • Personnel d'ONG
  • Travailleurs sociaux
  • Animateurs socio-éducatifs
  • Enseignants
  • Journalistes
  • Cours magistral
  • Travail de groupe et résolution collaborative de problèmes
  • Jeu de rôles
  • Simulation
N° de participants 14
  • HEAT
  • HEAT Certificate
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