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Mr. Jacobus Kotzé

  •   Lausanne, Switzerland

Starting his career in the South African Police Force (1985-1991) and then studying law at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa, Koos graduated in 1997 with the law degrees B Iuris & LLB. He is highly experienced on all sides of the legal spectrum, police, state prosecutor, human rights attorney, defense counsel, and corporate legal advisor. His experience includes all types of commercial legal work and compliance with full litigation oversight. His approach is unconventional conventional... that is a solid belief in compliance and establishing protocols but also outside of the box thinking to get cost-effective solutions. Koos wrote books on law, business, counter-terrorism, and security. There is little that he does not know regarding security and legal issues in sub-Saharan Africa. As such he conducts briefings on hostage prevention and survival to corporate clients as well as general security briefings.

Trainings Offered
Topic Levels Languages
Personal safety and security (incl. stress management and such) Advanced English
Anti-terrorism Advanced English
JKLS Africa
4/2009 - Present
Lausanne, Switzerland
South African Police Force
12/1985 - 12/1991
Pretoria, South africa
Target Audience
  • Policy makers
  • General public
  • NGO staff
  • Women
  • Journalists
  • Not available
Customised Trainings  Yes
  • Expert knowledge on security in sub-Sahara Africa
  • Excellent communication with clients
  • Ability to reduce complex issues to practical solutions
  • Computer literacy
  • Experience, almost 30 years
June 2016 Terrorist Takedown
May 2016 Safety Net
June 2014 Your Worst Enemy
March 2013 The Egg Breakers – Counter-Terrorism in sub-Saharan Africa

Dozens of other books under a pseudo name regarding war crimes & intelligence & counter-terrorism
University of the free state
B Iuris & LLB,  Jacobus kotzé
2/1992 - 12/1997
Bloemfontein,  South africa
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