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“Training for peace” training standards and quality criteria seminar and workshop

Organizer:  UDEUSTO
Date: 18 September 2017
Location: Bilbao, Spain

UDEUSTO organized an event which brought together Spanish representatives from training institutes in the broader CPPB field. The meeting consisted of two public debates and a local workshop. The first round-table discussed the current challenges to international actors CPPB training, with insights from its military and civilian mission components.  The second centred on CPPB training of civil society groups in conflict-affected countries and regions, and the need to enable local ownership through CPPB training. 
The discussions were well-attended and received positive feedback from the audience. In addition, the closed session on standards in training revealed the important tension between the need for quality assurance given the costs of training as well as the need to respect diversity and variety in CPPB training. While the field can be guided by current European frameworks on vocational education, the question can be raised whether sector-specific standards can be developed. As participants highlighted, the development of quality criteria requires broad consultation as well as inclusive processes, in particular with regard to small-scale training providers.
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