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CPPB Practitioner Survey Results

The Peacebuilding practitioners survey was run in cooperation with the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO), the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) and the Peace and Collaborative Development Network (PCDN) between 14th of March 2018 and 30th of June 2018. The major aims of the survey were firstly to conduct a broad-based scoping exercise of challenges in the CPPB training field; secondly, to elicit general empirical support of our research findings on the challenges in CPPB training, which were previously based on interviews and document analysis; and thirdly to assess the envisioned usefulness of the web platform for CPPB practitioners.

The survey gathered a considerable number of responses (273) from a broad geographical constituency, and from a range of professions. This, as well as the range of topic areas in the survey itself, can be considered as a significant step forward in gathering data about perspectives on CPPB amongst the practitioner community.

We are currently analysing the data of the survey, which we hope to make available on the web platform soon. However, there are positive indications for our project. Results indicate that the platform has a broad support base in the CPPB practitioner community, in particular the features of a resource library and practical tools, which are aimed at new and experienced trainers in the CPPB field. Overall, results support the work of the project and strengthen its potential to constitute a major innovation for the practitioner field.