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Dealing with the Past & Conflict Transformation

Date limite d’inscription
31st July 2023
28th August 2023
1st September 2023
5 days
On campus
Coûts/Frais d’inscription
2800 CHF

Finding a way to deal with a violent past following events such as armed conflict, the end of an authoritarian regime or occupation, as well as the legacy of a colonial rule, is often argued to be the basis for lasting peace, democracy and rule of law. International advocacy networks, norms and legal frameworks support national and local actors in the design of mechanisms and processes, such as truth commissions, tribunals, or memorialization efforts. The interactions of these actors shape whether or not a particular Dealing with the Past process succeeds in being locally relevant and effective. Other important aspects are inclusion, participation, and consultation in Dealing with the Past processes, including the role of the diaspora. This course examines the potentials and challenges for the design and implementation of Dealing with the Past processes. Engaging with key debates in the field, it focuses on how to ensure that Dealing with the Past processes support the transformation of violent conflicts.


In this course you will:

acquire a thorough understanding of the four traditional pillars of transitional justice, the right to know, the right to justice, the right to reparations, and the guarantees of non-recurrence;
get to know the ‘international’ framework, as well as ‘local’ approaches to dealing with the Past;
reflect on practices of inclusion, participation, and consultation in Dealing with the Past processes, including the often underestimated role of the diaspora;
discuss the particular challenges and needs when dealing with the search for disappeared and missing persons;
learn about transformative approaches to Dealing with the Past;
explore “new” topics, such as Dealing with the Past in contexts with colonial legacy, as well as the fight against corruption and asset recovery in Dealing with the Past processes;
exchange experiences from your own contexts and become part of a community of practice.


This course is designed for:

professionals interested or engaged in Dealing with the Past processes and conflict transformation
practitioners and academics interested in complementing their own experiences with current conceptual insights and practical knowledge

Kasernenhof 8 4058 Basel Suisse

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  • Transformation des conflits
  • Personnel civil de maintien de la paix et accompagnement
  • Analyse de conflits
  • Gestion et résolution de conflits
  • Justice transitionnelle
Langues English
Évaluation Confirmation of Participation
Public cible
  • Cours magistral
  • Travail de groupe et résolution collaborative de problèmes
  • Étude de cas
  • Méthodes de réflexion
  • 3 ECTS
  • Confirmation of Participation
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