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Introduction to Environmental Peacebuilding

Application Deadline
20th May 2024
3rd June 2024
13th June 2024
Skill level

The course will be a learning ecosystem for participants to acquire basic knowledge in the field of environmental peacebuilding. We will explore essential concepts around the environment and climate and the interconnections with peace, conflict, and violence. Participants will become multipliers of tools and gained competencies, actively engaging in networks of environmental peacebuilders.

The training will open conversations on topics such as climate refugees, the fading of natural resources (water, energy…), how the climate crisis is affecting your community nowadays or the inclusion of the north-south hemispheres' climate impacts and conflicts.

Equipping peacebuilders with the competencies to recognise the environmental risks of conflict is crucial in conflict prevention, management and transformation. Peacebuilding cannot be blind to the consequences of the climate crisis, environmental consequences of war or the environment in peace processes.


To develop an understanding of the aspects of environmental peacebuilding, such as environmental and peace activism, climate justice, climate crisis, climate impacts and adaptation, intergenerational approaches, considering human rights and social justice.
To have a deep view on environment-related root causes of local community conflicts.
To ensure space for reflection over the interconnections between the environment, conflict, and peace.
To provide tools and abilities to engage with communities (global North & South) and institutions (policy-makers) in peace processes by addressing human environmental rights and violations.
To showcase best-practices of environmental peacebuilders, youth activists, global NGOs, and policy-makers.
To co-design a respectful space to unite and engage participants so it becomes a sustainable network of cooperation between them.


This introductory course is designed for people working in the context of conflict transformation and peacebuilding, interested in the topic. Cases from participants’ working and living contexts can be brought in, but this is not required.

Am Kölner Brett 8 50825 Köln Germany

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  • Conflict transformation
  • Environment and climate
  • Civilian peacekeeping and accompaniment
  • Conflict management & conflict resolution
  • Pre-deployment training for civilians
  • Project management conflict-sensitive
  • Designing peacebuilding & prevention programming
Languages English
Evaluation Certificate of Attendance
Target Audience
  • NGO staff
  • Group Work and Collaborative Problem-Solving
  • Not available
  • Certificate of Attendence
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