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Digital Transformation in Public and Private Sectors

Skill level

The training program provides blended learning modules for two important digital competencies required in the age of digitisation: AI transformation and cybersecurity. While the former promotes competitiveness and ensures global technological advantage, the latter covers vulnerabilities and ensures the smooth operation of organisations.


- Raise awareness about the opportunities and challenges of cybersecurity and AI

- Acquire sufficient information and practical skills at the management level

- Watch out for ethical and legal considerations
- Lead the organisation in digital transformation
- Facilitate cooperation with IT experts


The participants are not expected to have prior knowledge of neither cybersecurity nor AI.

Davincilaan 1 1932 Zaventem Belgium

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  • Other
  • Business Administration
Languages English , Dutch
Evaluation Quizzes & Workshop
Target Audience
  • Policy makers
  • Civil servants in governments
  • General public
  • Local authorities
  • NGO staff
  • Other
  • Public authorities
  • Lecture
  • Group Work and Collaborative Problem-Solving
  • Case Study
  • Simulation
  • Not available
  • Digital Transformation Certificate
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