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Strategic Crisis Management

Skill level

This course is designed for individuals with a civilian, police or military background either eager to participate in crisis management planning or prefer to work in crisis management bodies/peace operations in a national or international setting in the field. No background information is needed.

States are challenged with an increasing number and variety of crises which can create significant humanitarian, financial and functional setbacks. These crises might even spread beyond national borders, complexing the already perplexing situation.

Governments are expected to deliver appropriate responses to these crises in a very short time to protect their citizens and businesses as well as mitigate their impact. This requires thinking ahead and evaluating the risks, planning in advance and organising in a manner to manage these crises. Governments should further ensure that national authorities have the right tools and institutional framework for co-ordinated action.

This is a complex process which requires multi actor involvement including not only the governments (in case of a cross border crisis), government bodies, public institutions and universities but also the civil society from NGOs to business.

Moreover, the changing nature of the crises (to include cyber, epidemics/pandemics, etc.), the multiplication of actors from the states to terrorist groups and even individuals further force the states to have a thorough crisis management framework and officials capable of implementing crisis management procedures.

The overall aim of this training is to provide attendees with essential knowledge and required skills to manage crises independent of their type, as well as to raise awareness of the importance of crisis management.


You will;

Understand the overall crisis management strategy
Have the essential knowledge for planning risk-specific crisis management
Have the required skills to implement crisis management procedure
Have a better understanding of national and international crisis management operations
Be aware of employing AI and big data for predictive crisis management


No background information is needed.

Behind the Horizon ISSG, Davincilaan 1 1932 Zaventem Belgium

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  • Cyber security
  • Diplomacy
  • Civilian peacekeeping and accompaniment
  • Conflict analysis
  • Conflict management & conflict resolution
  • Conflict prevention
  • Peace education
  • Peacebuilding
  • Scenario development & futures forecasting
  • Crisis management
  • Designing peacebuilding & prevention programming
Languages English
Evaluation NA
Target Audience
  • Military
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Policy makers
  • Civil servants in governments
  • Local authorities
  • NGO staff
  • Public authorities
  • Lecture
  • Group Work and Collaborative Problem-Solving
  • Case Study
  • Not available
  • Crisis Response and Management
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