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Application Deadline
29th August 2021
5th October 2021
11th November 2021
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Human rights matter for peace work in at least three different ways. The denial of human rights can be a cause for conflict. Violent conflict often goes along with gross human rights violations. And human rights can serve as a vision for a just and peaceful society in a post-conflict setting.
In this training we uncover the origin(s) of human rights, give an overview of the most important international and regional human rights standards and apply these to selected case studies of human rights violations. Furthermore we will discuss the universality of human rights from different perspectives.
We will share examples how human rights are effectively
claimed and defended - and how human rights defenders can be protected. The training is relevant for all who want to gain a better understanding of the concept of human rights and who want to defend human rights or protect human rights defenders.

Trainers: Milena Jochwed, Daniel Ó Cluanaigh
Dates: 05–08 October + 11 November 2021

MILENA JOCHWED is is a trainer in human rights and political education as well as a mediator. She works for the project “Make Hummus Not Walls” and was active in the accompaniment of local human rights activists in the occupied Palestinian territories.

DANIEL Ó CLUANAIGH is a consultant and trainer focused on human rights, security, and conflict management. He collaborates with the Digital Defenders Partnership at Hivos and is a member of the Project Committee of Peace Brigades International Mexico.


Participants are able to
• to gain an insight into the concept of human rights and an over view of selected international and regional human rights instruments
• to formulate their own perspective on the universality of human rights
• to identify potential strategies for defending human rights
in their own context


No requirement.

Kirchstr. 14 29462 Wustrow Germany

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  • Human rights (in conflict)
Languages English
Evaluation Certificate
Target Audience
  • NGO staff
  • Group Work and Collaborative Problem-Solving
  • Not available
  • Certificate
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