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Do No Harm-Training of Trainers

Application Deadline
8th June 2019
7th July 2019
16th July 2019
Skill level
On campus
1250-2500 €

The Do no harm-Training of Trainers consists of two parts - the training itself and a practical application.
After a session on the first evening, the training will start with a full-day Do no harm-Introductory Workshop which will serve as model. On the following days this model training design will be reflected and practiced by the participants in small groups. The revised "Do no harm-Training of Trainers Manual" will be issued but participants will be invited to develop their own adaptations and new ways of teaching Do no harm.
Additionally participants will gain an overview of selected learning theories, principles of adult education as well as selected training concepts like Action Learning.
The practical application is essential for the learning process and will be accompanied by the trainers. Participants will prepare and conduct as a team their own one-day Do no harm-Introductory Workshop with a real external audience in Berlin.
The ToT concludes with an evaluation of the practical application and subsequent inputs by the trainers to further improve the training skills of the participants. Upon completion a certificate as Do no harm-Trainer will be issued.


The learning objectives are:
→ to improve the training skills of participants
→ to familiarise participants with the methodology (case study teaching in particular) and exercises for conducting various formats of Do no harm-Workshops
→ to practice as a team of participants the format of a one-day Do no harm-Introductory Workshop in a real-life application.


The Do no harm-Training of Trainers addresses everybody who not only wants to use the Do no harm-Approach in managing projects but also wants to teach others how to use this tool. Prior experience in conducting trainings in a participatory manner is necessary.
Prior knowledge of the Do no harm-Approach is not a requirement as the training will start with a profound introduction to Do no harm.
The focus of the training is mainly on conflict transformation and peace work. However, participants with a background in development work or humanitarian assistance are more than welcome as historically the tool comes from these fields.
Participants need to be fluent in English.

Kirchstr. 14 29462 Wustrow (Wendland) Germany

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  • Project management conflict-sensitive
Languages English
Evaluation Certificate as Do No Harm-Trainer
Target Audience
  • NGO staff
  • Group Work and Collaborative Problem-Solving
  • Case Study
  • Role-play
No of Participants 12
  • Not available
  • Do No Harm-Trainer
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