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Communicating Peace & Conflict

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1700 CHF

Communicating peace and conflict can be crucial in serving peacebuilding purpose. Traditionally, mass media have been disseminating information that shape public opinion on peace and conflict. Over the past decade, digital technologies have created new opportunities for the inclusion of individuals in communication activities. At the same time, several challenges have emerged, such as issues of confidentiality, credibility, trust, privacy, and security. Course participants will critically reflect on trends, challenges, and practice of communicating peacebuilding.


As a participant, you will:

Learn how to communicate peacebuilding at all stages of a conflict cycle.
Discover best-practices of communicating peace and conflict.
Reflect on opportunities and challenges at the peacebuilding-communication-nexus.
Dive into a variety of topics, ranging from social media to visualization to innovation.
Exchange experiences and become part of a community of practice.


This course is designed for:

Practitioners and academics interested in complementing their own experiences with current conceptual insights and practical knowledge on communication and peacebuilding.

Kasernenhof 8 4058 Basel Switzerland
  • Peacebuilding
Languages English
Evaluation none
Target Audience
  • Lecture
  • Group Work and Collaborative Problem-Solving
  • Case Study
  • Not available
  • Certificate of Attendence
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