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Peace & Human Rights

Application Deadline
30th August 2024
13th November 2024
15th November 2024
3 days
Skill level
On campus
CHF 1'700

Human rights and conflict transformation are instrumental for societies seeking peace and social justice. Over time, recognition of the close links between human rights, conflict, peace, and development has grown, and a certain blurring of boundaries between these fields of practice has been observed. Yet experiences indicate that linking human rights and conflict transformation effectively is often easier said than done, partly because they can complement and contradict each other.


- familiarize yourself with key concepts, focus areas, and strategies in the fields of human rights and conflict transformation;
- understand the relevance of linking human rights and conflict transformation for dealing with past conflicts;
- gain analytical and methodological skills allowing them to incorporate the course content into their own work in various conflict-related situations;
- understand both short and long-term challenges and dilemmas related to linking human rights and conflict transformation and explore strategies for addressing these;
- critically reflect on dominant policy paradigms and programming practices at the complex interface between human rights and conflict transformation;
- exchange experiences and become part of a community of practice.

This course aims at familiarizing participants with key normative assumptions, policy frameworks, and practices in the fields of human rights and conflict transformation. Drawing on international cases such as Ethiopia, Colombia, Cambodia and Ukraine and participants’ experiences, we will consider questions such as: what is the value of linking human rights and conflict transformation? What can these perspectives and fields of practice contribute to one another? What challenges and dilemmas remain, and what are strategies for addressing them?


Successful participants are awarded a Certificate of Attendance.

The course is open to the public. It is also part of the swisspeace continuing education program CAS Peacebuilding Essentials offered annually by swisspeace and the University of Basel.

Candidates must have:

- a university degree in a related discipline such as political science, law, economics or sociology
- at least two years of professional experience
- a good command of English

Unfortunately, we cannot provide scholarships for this course. Participants (or their employer) must be able to cover the tuition fee.

Kasernenhof 8 4058 Basel Switzerland

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  • Conflict transformation
  • Human rights (in conflict)
  • Peacebuilding
  • Policy/Legal
Languages English
Evaluation Confirmation of Participation
Target Audience
  • Military
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Policy makers
  • Civil servants in governments
  • Local authorities
  • NGO staff
  • Public authorities
  • Group Work and Collaborative Problem-Solving
  • Case Study
  • Methods for Reflection
  • Not available
  • Certificate of Attendance
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