CPPB Curricula, Providers, Trainers and Courses

Checklist for planning a training


Identify and spell out the context and conditions for the training:

  • Is the training on-site, online or blended?
  • What criteria are set by the donors of the training?
  • Which level is it?
  • Is the course accredited? If so, what are the implications for curricula design?
  • How will I promote self-care in the training?
  • Have I designed my training to fit the length, level of the training and group composition?
  • How can the training contribute to this? What is the overall goal of the training? Keep in mind: What are the limits of the training, considering its duration, trainers, experts etc.?
  • Have I examined lessons learned and best practices about implementation from prior experience, observation and research? Have I devised plans for responding to risks within the training?
  • Have I conducted a training needs assessment? Have I shaped the training for the objectives of the mission and location? Have I consulted with local partners working in the field?
  • Is there a trainer team? Have I synchronized my training modules to avoid duplications and to build content complementing each others’?
  • Are additional experts (e.g. policy maker, diplomat) for particular sessions invited? How does the expert input fit the overall learning objectives?
  • Have I recruited participants appropriate for the training? Do I have diversity among participants? Have I consulted with participants in the planning phase? Do I know participants’ backgrounds and do I know of any specific learning needs?
  • What are the criteria for the selection of participants and who sets them? Do participants have special learning requirements set by the training organizer?
  • What do the participants need to be able to know and do to fulfil their function in CPPB missions and projects effectively, successfully and context / conflict sensitive?
  • Have I clearly defined learning objectives for the course and each session?
  • Do the learning objectives match the training context, content and methods?

Are the learning objectives appropriate to the target audience, what are their profiles, professional experiences and cultural and educational backgrounds?

  • Did I refer to core concepts of conflict prevention and peacebuilding, and have I placed the content in the overall CPPB categories?
  • Is the content based on the needs assessment, learning objectives and participant goals?
  • Is the content gender mainstreamed?
  • Did I consider possible biases / discrimination / structural or cultural violence elements?
  • Are curriculum and methods informed by adult learning and peace education theory?
  • Do the methods fit the learning objectives and the target audience?
  • Are they sensitive to conflict, culture, gender, power relations etc.?
  • Have I researched / developed and sent out relevant materials to the participants?
  • Have I prepared handouts, slides and work sheets? Check if they are gender mainstreamed.