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Making Mediation & Peace Processes Work: Peacemaking in Deeply Divided Societies and Challenging Contexts

London, 19-21 November

Facilitated by an expert practitioner, the programme will assist those involved in mediation and peacemaking efforts – before, during or postwar – to address key challenges and explore practical ways of improving the quality and results of their mediation and peacemaking processes.

Carried out in cooperation with the Department of Peace Operations (DPO) of PATRIR, the programme is also designed to actively assist mediation and peace processes. Technical Assistance is provided to ensure customized support for participating experts, representatives and organisations and agencies.

In several cases, both / multiple mediation parties and mediators have taken part in the programme to assist them by providing a space to step out from their normal contexts and to go indepth, in a facilitated process, into improving their meditation and peacemaking skills, methods and approaches.

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