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ACT for SOCIETY Centre Mission is to enhance the healthy lifestyles and stimulate the sustainable development of society, it's work consists on promoting culture, advocating for democracy and human right issues, connecting young's, stimulating the active participation in the social live and decision-making processes.

ACT for SOCIETY Centre, was established in January 2012.
ACT for SOCIETY Centre believes in the power of change. It aims at making this change happen through ", creative, and effective strategies and initiatives..." ACT for SOCIETY Centre recognizes that Albanian's young democracy must become increasingly self-reliant and lead its own development. In the current situation, the pressing need is to encourage a greater capacity development, awareness, and participation by Albanian institutions and local communities.

Contact Data
  • Community-based organisation
  • Diplomacy
  • Gender / Gender mainstreaming
  • Human rights (in conflict)
  • Anti-corruption
  • Institutional development / capacity building
  • Leadership
  • Peacebuilding
  • Project management conflict-sensitive
  • Sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) awareness
  • Youth and children
  • Anti-terrorism
  • Countering hate speech
  • Countering violent extremism
Target Audience
  • Policy makers
  • Youth
  • NGO staff
  • Women
  • Other
  • Social workers
  • Youth workers
  • Teachers
  • Journalists
Foundation Year 2012
Higher or Secondary Education Establishment No
  • Not available
Main Training Languages
  • English
  • Italian
  • Albanian
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