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  • Non-profit
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CRISP develops projects, facilitates trainings and conducts consultancies in the fields of conflict transformation, civic education and citizen’s participation. Through our work we aim to promote critical thinking and a transnational democratic culture, in which different groups can engage in constructive dialogues, in order to transform their conflicts. Since 2007 we have conducted numerous projects, seminars, workshops and trainings-of-trainers that cover a wide range of different topics and various target groups. CRISP is specialized in developing and implementing innovative learning tools, particularly simulation games. These serve as a political laboratory, which offers the chance to test alternative ideas and approaches. Our commitment to the method exhibits our conviction in experienced based learning-tools. Our regional focus areas are Eastern Europe and former Soviet-Countries, as well as the MENA Region and Sub-Sahara-Africa, the European Union and Germany. CRISP is an independent, non-profit, organization, based in Berlin, Germany.

1 course(s) provided by CRISP
Contact Data
  • NGO/non-for profit
  • Conflict transformation
  • Environment and climate
  • Gender / Gender mainstreaming
  • Human rights (in conflict)
  • (Mission) planning
  • Civilian peacekeeping and accompaniment
  • Conflict analysis
  • Conflict management & conflict resolution
  • Conflict prevention
  • Leadership
  • Peace education
  • Peacebuilding
  • Policing
  • Project management conflict-sensitive
  • Refugees & IDPs
  • Scenario development & futures forecasting
  • Sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) awareness
  • Youth and children
  • Designing peacebuilding & prevention programming
  • Cultural awareness & communication
  • Countering violent extremism
Target Audience
  • Military
  • Policy makers
  • Civil servants in governments
  • General public
  • Local authorities
  • Media
  • Youth
  • NGO staff
  • Women
  • Social workers
  • Youth workers
  • Teachers
  • Public authorities
Foundation Year 2007
Higher or Secondary Education Establishment No
  • Not available
Main Training Languages
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Ukrainian
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