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Omar Tejada graduated from the Master in International Security Studies at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. He has researched on the illicit trade of cocaine in Peru, and published several articles — including “How Illegal Cocaine trade threatens Peruvian National Security”, “When Counterinsurgency Fails: The Case of the US in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq”, “”When intelligence fails: The 9/11 attacks: A view from the past trying to understand the present”, and the “Implications of Privatized Security in today’s Conflicts and Humanitarian Crisis”. His publications are aligned with his specialized academic focus in security studies and his ground experience in fields such as international security, international relations, counternarcotics, counterinsurgency, and peacekeeping. Born and raised in Peru, Mr. Tejada’s interests have taken him around the world from his roots in the capital city of Lima, to the Putumayo basin in the border between Peru and Colombia, to the United States, Haiti and Sudan, among other places. Currently, Mr. Tejada is an international affairs freelance adviser for the Joint Armed Forces Command in Peru.

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  • Military
  • Pre-deployment training for military
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  • Military
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • NGO staff
Foundation Year 2019
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  • Not available
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  • English
  • Spanish
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