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Ms ufra mir

  •   Srinagar, kashmir, India

As the first & only peace-psychologist from Kashmir & South-Asia, I work at the intersection of the science of psychology, mental health psychosocial support, education, art and peacebuilding; where my vision of peace is very much foundational in holistic global wellbeing, mental health psychosocial support, self-transformation, changemaking and inner peace first - for more empowered, more empathetic, more peaceful and more cohesive, just and resilient world. My work is aimed at impacting individuals, communities and systems - to heal, cope up positively with the ramifications of living in any conflict situation or zone, building more resilience, dialogue, and space for positive peacebuilding in the process. I have worked in Kashmir, parts of India and South Asia, and the USA in the past decade; and support many individuals and organizations locally and globally through volunteer experiential workshops, designing interventions, facilitating dialogues, implementing strategies, mentoring, advocacy and collaborations.

Trainings Offered
Topic Levels Languages
Conflict transformation Advanced English
Conflict analysis Basic English
Conflict management & conflict resolution Advanced English
Leadership Advanced English
Mediation & negotiation Basic English
Peacebuilding Advanced English
Personal safety and security (incl. stress management and such) Advanced English
Project management conflict-sensitive Basic English
Refugees & IDPs Basic English
Youth and children Advanced English
Crisis management Basic English
Trauma and psycho-social support Advanced English
Other Advanced English
Designing peacebuilding & prevention programming Advanced English
Cultural awareness & communication Advanced English
Countering hate speech Basic English
Target Audience
  • Policy makers
  • General public
  • Local authorities
  • Media
  • Youth
  • NGO staff
  • Women
  • Other
  • Social workers
  • Youth workers
  • Teachers
  • Journalists
  • Not available
Customised Trainings  Yes
  • Not available
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