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Dr Joan McGregor

  •   Birmingham, United kingdom

I am a specialist in Conflict Transformation with over 40 years experience in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and have significant expertise in conflict sensitive approaches in humanitarian aid, development and peacebuilding.
I am an independent conflict transformation practitioner and consultant in conflict transformation, based in Birmingham, UK. In addition to undertaking a range of consultancies and programmes internationally, I also teach at MA level at several universities in the UK.

In 2017 I was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Birmingham.

Trainings Offered
Topic Levels Languages
Conflict transformation Advanced English
Culture and identity Advanced English
Gender / Gender mainstreaming Advanced English
Conflict analysis Advanced English
Conflict management & conflict resolution Advanced English
Conflict prevention Advanced English
Institutional development / capacity building Advanced English
Project management conflict-sensitive Advanced English
Trauma and psycho-social support Advanced English
Other Advanced English
Designing peacebuilding & prevention programming Advanced English
Cultural awareness & communication Advanced English
Conflict transformation practitioner
4/2016 - Present
Birmingham, United kingdom
Peace and conflict advisor
Responding to Conflict
9/2001 - 3/2016
Birmingham, United kingdom
Director, organisational and personal transfo…
6/1994 - 5/2001
Johannesburg, South africa
Target Audience
  • Civil servants in governments
  • General public
  • Local authorities
  • NGO staff
  • Women
  • Other
  • Not available
Customised Trainings  Yes
  • Conflict transformation through analysis and intervention strategies;
  • Conflict Sensitive Approaches to Development and Humanitarian Aid
  • Integration of conflict sensitive approaches to project design and organisational policy and practice
  • Faith based approaches to peace and conflict
  • Participatory approaches in analysis, peacebuilding and development projects
  • Counselling, Dialogue, Mediation, Conflict Management
  • Training, Training of Trainers, Advanced Facilitation Skills, Adult Learning
  • Leadership and organisational development in conflict contexts; - Policy development, strategic planning and team building.
  • Creating empathy
Africa gender institute
Certificate,  Gender justice in the workplace
11/1998 - 11/1998
Cape town,  South africa
Peace and conflict studies
Masters,  Coventry university
9/2006 - 9/2007
Coventry,  United kingdom
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