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Nina Koevoets

  •   Thessaloniki, Greece

I'm a trainer in "peacebuilding from below", which includes skills in analysing, understanding and responding to conflict, and organising and campaigning/ advocating nonviolently for your cause. I'm co-author of the Study Guide "Engaging Nonviolence. Activiating Nonviolent Change in Our Lives and Our World", together with Veronica Pelicaric, to be published by Pace e Bene.
And since 2015 I've been organising my own training program. In just one year (sept. 2014-15) I managed to implement my own training program: I started totally from scratch, applied for and received EU funding, people to work with and participants. I designed the content of the program and delivered it with another colleague. The program includes nonviolent actions and campaigns, nonviolent communication, conflict resolution. Since then I organised several trainings. You can read more on my website:

About myself: I'm curious, creative, analytic, open-minded, perseverant, both idealistic and pragmatic, independent yet social, and always looking for opportunities to learn and develop.

I have two master degrees: Global Studies (2011-13) and Conflict Resolution and Governance (2006-7). To read more about my work experience please have a look at my LinkedIn profile. I have experience in facilitating workshops, and project management, in six different countries, including Palestine/Israel. I was born and raised in The Netherlands and live in Greece.

Trainings Offered
Topic Levels Languages
Conflict transformation Advanced English
Environment and climate Basic English
Gender / Gender mainstreaming Basic English
Conflict analysis Advanced English
Peacebuilding Advanced English
Trauma and psycho-social support Basic English
Cultural awareness & communication Basic English
Coordinator and trainer
8/2015 - Present
Den haag, Netherlands
Target Audience
  • Civil servants in governments
  • General public
  • Youth
  • NGO staff
  • Women
  • Theater of the Oppressed Facilitation
  • Training of Trainers in non-formal education and nature-based education
  • Dialogue for Peaceful Change Certificate
  • Peace Hero - Coalitie voor vrede zonder wapens, 2018
Customised Trainings  Yes
  • workshop facilitation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Non-formal Education
  • Peace Education
  • Inter-Cultural Communication
  • Public Speaking
"Engaging Nonviolence: Activating Nonviolent Change in Our Lives and Our World", Veronica Pelicaric and Nina Koevoets, 2019, Pace e Bene Press.
Unversity of leiden
Bachelor,  Psychology and cultural antropology
9/2003 - 7/2006
Leiden,  Netherlands
University of amsterdam
Master,  Conflict resolution and governance
9/2006 - 10/2007
Amsterdam,  Netherlands
University of gothenburg
Master,  Global studies
9/2011 - 9/2013
Goteborg,  Sweden
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