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  •   Kraainem, Belgium

I retired in 2016 after serving more than 20 years in the Turkish Army as a military officer. Currently, I am a Ph.D. Candidate at Universite Catholique de Louvain and Senior Research Fellow at Beyond the Horizon International Strategic Studies.

Trainings Offered
Topic Levels Languages
Conflict management & conflict resolution Basic English
Peace education Basic English
Designing peacebuilding & prevention programming Basic English
Target Audience
  • Military
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Policy makers
  • Civil servants in governments
  • General public
  • Local authorities
  • Media
  • NGO staff
  • Women
  • Social workers
  • Teachers
  • Public authorities
  • Journalists
  • Not available
Customised Trainings No
  • Not available
Peer Reviewed Articles

- Murat Caliskan (2019), Hybrid Warfare through the lens of strategic theory, Defense & Security Analysis. DOI: 10.1080/14751798.2019.1565364

- Caliskan, Murat & Cramers, Paul-Alexander (2018), What Do You Mean by “Hybrid Warfare”? A Content Analysis on the Media Coverage of Hybrid Warfare Concept, Horizon Insights, Issue 4, (2018): 23-36

Book Chapters
- Liégeios, Michel & Caliskan, Murat (2018), Peacekeeping and the Global War on Terrorism. In Peacekeeping: Global Perspectives, Challenges and Impacts, New York, Nova Science Publishers.

- Caliskan, Murat (2018), Why Nations Do Not Fight Against Problems? “Nothing New Under the Sun”,, (Jan 24, 2018), accessed at,

Conference Papers
- Liégeios, Michel & Caliskan, Murat (2016) “Technology and War Strategy” presented at NATO Science and Technology Board ‘Future of Warfare’ Symposium, in Brussels. 22 March 2016.

- Caliskan, Murat (2016) “A Critique of Hybrid Warfare”, presented at International Conference on Military and Security Studies Conference, in Istanbul. 14-16 March 2016.

Book Reviews
- Caliskan, Murat (2018), review of the book Modern Political Warfare Current Practices and Possible Responses, by L. Robinson et al., Phébé, Le Point. (forthcoming)
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