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Mr Rem Bahadur BK(tomata)

  •   Kathmandu, Nepal

I am a visionary, a tireless advocate, a social changemaker, a renowned Nepalese Dalit Rights Activist, and Journalist of Nepal, involving in the sectors of Dalit issues, human rights, peace, democracy, humanitarian support, elections observations, youth leadership, Dalit empowerment, gender based issues nationally and internationally through mass media mobilization, discussion, debate, discourse, campaign, workshop, seminar, conferences and other various ways since more than two decades. Moreover, raising the voice for human rights, freedom of speech, peace, democracy, rights of Dalit (vulnerable communities), diversity in media, representation of other backward classes (OBC) to eliminate the caste-based discrimination, for Dalit empowerment, and ending untouchability, and social justice, and spread educational awareness, through mass media and advocacy at the national and international levels.

Trainings Offered
Topic Levels Languages
Human rights (in conflict) Advanced English
Target Audience
  • Journalists
  • Not available
Customised Trainings No
  • Not available
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