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Trauma-Informed Peacebuilding

Application Deadline
1st May 2024
15th May 2024
5th June 2024
Skill level

The training will support peacebuilders in international or domestic peace projects, as well as people working in active conflict zones, to more deeply explore and understand individual, communal, and historical harms - such as ethnic violence, racism, gender-based violence, and colonialism - at the root of communal division. By cultivating participants’ sensitivity to harm and incorporating trauma-healing approaches in their relationships and work, they are better equipped to transform interpersonal and intergroup relationships.


The course is based on four essential ethics: do no harm; uphold dignity; recognize common humanity; and respect diversity and difference.

Participants will:

Know about individual, collective and trans-generational trauma, and how this may impact the societies they live and work in.
Understand the key terms of a trauma-sensitive approach and recognize patterns of common behaviour to traumatic events.
Generate ideas on how to integrate a trauma-informed approach in conflict analysis and project planning.
Become aware of their personal and professional boundaries when dealing with trauma.


This course is intended to support international and domestic peacebuilders who seek to transform conflict and build lasting peace.

Am Kölner Brett 8 50825 Köln Germany

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  • Conflict transformation
  • Civilian peacekeeping and accompaniment
  • Conflict management & conflict resolution
  • Trauma and psycho-social support
  • Designing peacebuilding & prevention programming
Languages English
Evaluation Certificate of Attendance
Target Audience
  • NGO staff
  • Group Work and Collaborative Problem-Solving
  • Not available
  • Not available
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