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Documentary ‘Human Rights Morocco’ Launched to Celebrate Peace and Interfaith Dialogue in Morocco

March 30, 2019 – Morocco

Youth for Peace & Dialogue between Cultures in partnership with Youth for Human Rights International of Special visit of the Pope to Morocco 2019, has launched a short film titled ‘Human Rights Morocco’. The powerful documentary celebrates Peace and Interfaith dialogue in Morocco through human rights education.

Human rights Morocco is a 2018 American documentary film directed by United for Human Rights. The film presents the young Moroccan Peace and Human Rights Activist and multi-award winner, Zakaria El Hamel. It focuses on the personal story of the president and founder of  Youth for Peace and Dialogue between Cultures in Morocco.

For almost two decades, Zakaria El Hamel has dedicated himself to creating a culture of tolerance and understanding by instilling an awareness and appreciation of human rights. His goal is to foster understanding and respect among the population by bringing young people from different religions and backgrounds together to serve their communities. Thus, he is particularly interested in starting an interfaith dialogue that can increase understanding and peace between people of different religions.

While emphasising the virtues of Morocco, Zakaria El Hamel also acknowledges its share of problems: “It is true that we live in a land of peace and harmony, but a lot of youth are jobless and there are many cases of human rights abuse and Torture in Morocco. We have a lot of discrimination in Morocco. For example, if you don’t dress well and you go to the court or to the hospital, they don’t take care of you and will throw you out because you don’t have money.”

The documetary has also been screened during the 14th annual Human Rights Summit of Youth for Human Rights International at the United Nations in New York.

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Watch the short documentary.