CPPB Curricula, Providers, Trainers and Courses wins Luxembourg Peace Prize in Category “2019 Outstanding Peace Technology”

July 08, 2019 – Luxembourg


Each year, since 2012, the Schengen Peace Foundation and the World Peace Forum award the Luxembourg Peace Prize, an award that honours the outstanding in the field of peace. The categories of the Luxembourg Peace Prize and their celebration amplify the aims and goals of the World Peace Forum.

The Luxembourg Peace Prize for “Outstanding Peace Technology” seeks to recognize a technology invention or a company which builds peace directly and/or promotes a culture of peace via a technical offering on the marketplace and/or to the public with global coverage over the years.

On the Luxembourg Peace website, the project is described as follows: “Peace Training’s mission is to aggregate a comprehensive collection and analysis on the state-of-the-art in conflict prevention and peacebuilding (CPPB) training in Europe and the EU. Over the period of two years, the project assessed practices, efforts and training needs of European actors. The goal to map out and connect stakeholders, to provide recommendations on best practices, as well as ICT approaches to training involving relevant stakeholders at every stage of the process, has been finally achieved and all aggregated and curated information is available on their online platform. The platform is open and free to CPPB academics and practitioners, individuals and organizations, to register accounts and advertise their training offers, and also to contribute content in the form of events, news, training materials and any other CPPB training-related works, including handbooks, ICT tools, case studies, guides, innovative training methods and concepts in any language, especially English, French, Spanish and German.”

 In this short documentary produced by RTL TODAY, you can learn more about the history of the Peace Prize, the Schengen Peace and some of the laureates: <>.