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Since 2018 the H.E.A.T. Academy GmbH & Co. KG offers training for surviving in hostile environments.
All our trainers regularly work abroad themselves and are specialists in their areas of expertise. The H.E.A.T. Academy team includes experienced security experts, former members of German and international SOF units, rescue workers, professional firefighters, paramedics and psychologists who contribute their expertise to various training courses.
The team has gained additional experiences and professional skills supporting Rescue Organizations
i.e. in Haiti, Ukraine & Turkey on the ground.
Our focus is on standard HEAT and Advanced HEAT courses,
and Travel Security Courses,
and Safety & Security Courses.
Plus tailormade courses adjusted on our valued customers requirements, i.e.:
- HEAT course for Diplomatic Staff
- Medical training - from simple first responders to complex situations.
- Stopp the bleeding courses and advanced First Aid courses customized for EP teams
- Tactical self-protection i.e. for Medics, Firefighters and Law Enforcement units.
In Germany and in Sweden we offer Survival courses focused on:
- Survival
- Escape
- Evasion
For governmental bodies it is possible to add the Resistance element.
Standard HEAT courses contain (but are not limited to):
50% Classroom and 50% practical scenario training
- Risk perception and risk management
- Secure communication in hostile environments, OSINT
- Practical firefighting (vehicles, persons)
- Improvised rescue and recovery in vehicle accidents
- Preparation of vehicles and personal equipment
- Behavioral training in critical situations
- Decision making & mission planning
- Stress management
- Contingency & Emergency planning
- travel risk management
Our courses will be accomplished in our German HQ in Mosbach or at our bases close to Berlin and in Sweden. Our Mobile Training Team (MTT) can complete trainings in customer countries as well.
Please feel free to go in contact 24/7/365.

3 course(s) provided by H.E.A.T. - Academy

HEAT basic, HQ/ training base Mosbach/ Germany

  • Fecha de inicio :  10th June 2024
  • Fecha de finalización:  14th June 2024

Advanced HEAT Bunker area training camp Wuensdorf/ Germany

  • Fecha de inicio :  10th June 2024
  • Fecha de finalización:  14th June 2024
Datos de contacto
  • Corporaciones/sector privado
  • Liderazgo
  • Seguridad y protección personales (incl. gestión del estrés etc.)
  • Formación previa al desplazamiento para civiles
  • Formación previa al desplazamiento para policías
  • Gestión de crisis
  • Observación de misiones
  • Otros
  • Planificación de misiones
  • Mix
  • Fuerzas del orden
  • Formuladores de políticas
  • Funcionarios/as gubernamentales
  • Público en general
  • Medios de comunicación
  • Personal de ONG
  • Otros
  • Profesores
  • Autoridades públicas
  • Periodistas
Año de fundación 2018
Centro de enseñanza superior o secundaria No
  • No disponible
Idiomas de formación principales
  • English
  • German

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