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T.wai, the Torino World Affairs Institute , is a non-profit, independent research institute operating in the fields of area studies, global politics and security studies. T.wai’s mission is to conduct policy-oriented research with a strong theoretical basis, strengthen international networking through research, disseminate knowledge, and support advanced education and high-level professional training in the field of international affairs. T.wai’s name is meant to sound as “Torino’s way”. It points to a sober, passionate and tenacious way of addressing issues by channeling creativity into innovative projects and substantial outcomes. It speaks of the responsibility of leveraging local resources to address global challenges. The Violence & Security Program in T.wai focuses on issues of conflict and peacebuilding, and is behind the scientific design of the well-established summer school “Engaging Conflict: Prevention, Management and Resolution”, jointly run by T.wai and the University of Turin. The topics at the core of the Violence & Security Program feed the “Human Security: Dimensions and perspectives of contemporary conflicts” journal, freely available on T.wai’s website.

1 course(s) provided by T.wai - Torino World Affairs Institute

Engaging Conflict: Prevention, Management and Resolution

  • Fecha de inicio :  28th June 2021
  • Fecha de finalización:  9th July 2021
Datos de contacto
  • Intituto de investigación /académico
  • Transformación de conflictos
  • Análisis de conflicto
  • Gestión de conflictos y resolución de conflictos
  • Prevención de conflictos
  • Consolidación de la paz
  • Público en general
  • Jóvenes
  • Personal de ONG
  • Otros
Año de fundación 2009
Centro de enseñanza superior o secundaria No
  • No disponible
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  • English
  • Italian

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