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Topalovic Goran

  •   Belgrade, Serbia
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The core of my expertise is in-depth knowledge of the intersection between gender, leadership and effectiveness in security context. That includes strengthening the awareness that gender as cross cutting issue plays in achieving higher level of efficiency. Gender, security sector reform, translation of strategies/policies into concrete actions and researches in this regard are at the very heart of my professional and academic interests. So far I oversee, led or implement different policy projects and I could say that I have longstanding experience in Training and research in the area of gender and security. I pose ability to research, analyze and present information gathered from diverse sources and experience in advising decision and policy makers.

I have operational experience from Ivory Coast, Cyprus and Lebanon. I am a director and designer at the dozens of courses related to peace operations. I am proficient in moderating discussions related to peace operations within the framework of the changing nature of contemporary conflicts, and in training development and training delivery. As a Guest lecturer and Syndicate leader I participates in numerous training centers activities such as: NCGM/SWEDINT – Sweden, PSTC Hungary, AUTINT Austria, DEU UN Trg Centre Germany, PSOTC BiH, etc. I am also a guest lecturer at Faculty of Political Science, International security (Master level) studies.

◾OSCE Mission to Serbia Roster of Experts
◾UNDP Member of Regional Network of Gender Trainers
◾UNDP SEESAC Regional Security Sector Platform Network of Experts
◾ODIHR Consultant – Expert on gender mainstreaming in the military and prevention of gender based violence with particular focus to domestic violence

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Tema Niveles Idiomas
Género/ Transversalización de las cuestiones de género Advanced English
Análisis de conflicto Advanced English
Mediación y negociación Advanced English
Consolidación de la paz Advanced English
Formación previa al desplazamiento para civiles Advanced English
Formación previa al desplazamiento para militares Advanced English
Protección de civiles Advanced English
Sensibilización hacia la explotación y el abuso sexuales Advanced English
Gestión de crisis Advanced English
Sensibilización cultural y comunicación Advanced English
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How to Implement Peace-building in the most Efficient Way
Belgrade university faculty of political scie…
Master professional,  International humanitarian law and human rights
10/2009 - 11/2010
Belgrade,  Serbia
Belgrade university faculty of political scie…
Master of Arts,  Studies of culturology - gender issues
10/2013 - 11/2015
Belgrade,  Serbia
Baltic defense college
War College Diploma,  Nato joint command and general staff course
8/2014 - 7/2015
Tartu,  Estonia
Belgrade university faculty of political scie…
PhD Candidate,  International and european studies
10/2016 - Present
Belgrade,  Serbia

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