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Ms Camilla Edemann Callesen

  •   Finlandia
Acerca de

PhD candidate with 10 years of experience in the field of foreign and security policy analysis, conflict analysis and conflict resolution, peacekeeping and peacebuilding. I have extensive experience in conducting research and teaching postgraduate students the fundamentals of peace and conflict research. I also have experience in teaching the fundamentals of conflict analysis and how to write policy op-eds.

My interests revolve around the social, political and social psychological causes for conflicts. In my academic work, I have particularly focused on the social psychological dynamics, which may prevent the resolution of conflicts and how the inclusion of such dynamics may lead to more holistic conflict prevention mechanisms, mediation and peacebuilding attempts. In my work, I always seek to bridge practice and theory. In my trainings, I will hence offer participants both a theoretical insight into the topic at hand as well as tools for translating such theories into concrete programmes and action plans.

Formaciones ofrecidas
Tema Niveles Idiomas
Cultura e identidad Advanced English
Gestión de conflictos y resolución de conflictos Advanced English
Prevención de conflictos Advanced English
Mediación y negociación Advanced English
Consolidación de la paz Advanced English
Gestión de proyectos sensible al conflicto Advanced English
Policy/Legal Advanced English
Founder and editor
En Udenrigsanalyse
3/2016 - Present
Copenhagen, Dinamarca
Research and teaching assistant
University of Kent
9/2016 - 6/2019
Brussels, Bélgica
  • Formuladores de políticas
  • Funcionarios/as gubernamentales
  • Público en general
  • Autoridades locales
  • Personal de ONG
  • Periodistas
  • BA in International Studies
  • MA in International Conflict and Security
  • PhD in International Relations (expected graduation in June 2020)
Formaciones a medida  Yes
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Project planning
  • Policy analysis
  • Writing and editing
Academic publications
• Callesen, Edemann Camilla “External Belief‐Systems in Intractable Conflicts” in Europe in the Caucasus, Caucasus in Europe, edited by Thomas Krüssmann and Andrey Makarychev, 15-43. Ibidem, 2019
• Callesen, Camilla. “‘The Social Psychological Barriers of Social Norm Contestation: The EU, Russia and Crimea”. UPTAKE Working paper, January 13, 2018

Op-eds and Policy Analyses
• Callesen, Edemann Camilla “Should Sweden abandon its neutrality policy?” Politheor, June 22, 2016,
• Callesen, Edemann Camilla “NATOs Linedans med Rusland – Værd at Vide inden NATO Topmødet i Polen d. 8.-9. juli” (The NATO/Russia crisis – what to be aware of prior to the NATO meeting in Poland” The Council for International Conflict Resolution, July 7, 2016,
• Callesen, Edemann Camilla “NATO Summit Outcome: Preventing a conflict or creating one?” Politheor, July 12, 2016,
• Callesen, Edemann Camilla ”Når Gamle Briller Genanvendes: Krisen Mellem NATO og Rusland” (When old specs are re-used: The crisis between NATO and Russia) En Udenrigsanalyse, July 17, 2016,
• Callesen, Edemann Camilla “A Suggestion for the EU’s Global Strategy and the Resolution of the Georgian/South Ossetian Conflict” Politheor, September 12, 2016,
• Callesen, Edemann Camilla “The Crisis Between Russia and the West: Who gets to be right?” Politheor, October 28, 2016,
• Callesen, Edemann Camilla “Danmarks håndtering af rusland og nærområdet: De interne dynamikker mangler” (Denmarks approach to Russia and the near abroad: The internal dynamics are missing) En Udenrigsanalyse, November 15, 2018,

Edited Magazines (in Danish)
• ”En Udenrigsanalyse Magazine - 1st Edition”, April 2017,
• ”En Udenrigsanalyse Magazine - 2nd Edition”, August 2017,
• ”En Udenrigsanalyse Magazine - 3rd Edition”, May 2018,
Aalborg university
BA,  International studies
7/2010 - 6/2013
Aalborg,  Dinamarca
University of kent
MA,  International conflict and security
1/2014 - 1/2015
Brussels,  Bélgica
University of kent
PhD,  International relations
9/2016 - Present
Brussels,  Bélgica

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