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Mr Raffaele Barbiero

  •   Forlì, Italia
Acerca de

I am working as a peace-worker for the Peace Centre in my town. I am passionate about the human rights issue and its implementation around the world. I have relevant experience in conflict research, transformation, and management. Indeed, I have thirty years of experience in peace, conflict, and foreign affairs.
I have taken part in several nonviolent-actions: 1990 - human chain to promote the closure of the military airport located in San Damiano, Piacenza, Italy; 1991 - demonstration in front of Rimini (Italy) military airport; December 1992 - group leader in the manifestation of 500 people in Sarajevo named “Solidarity for Peace in Sarajevo”, Bosnia-Herzegovina; December 1993 - “Three towns, one peace” manifestation. We reached Zagreb, Belgrade and Sarajevo (but for the last one, only a small delegation); August 1993 - Mir Sada manifestation of 2,000 people in Prozor and Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina).
My personal intersts: 2001-2009 I was one of the founders of Nonviolent and Objection Local Association (ALON GAN FC, Association held the Course for International Peace Mediators with other partners from 2003 to 2012 and I was the Scientific Coordinator.
2004-2009 – deputy for la Cisl Emilia-Romagna on the Regional Civil Service Board (in order to the Regional Law 20/2003). Elected in December 2004 in Copresc Forlì-Cesena (provincial level for civil service).
2006 – Local Coordinator of the international cooperation project among Iscos Cisl FC, Alon-Gan Fc and Cejis (Study Centre of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Three-year project carried out in Bolivia to support the training of a 40 community farmers' union. On a mission trip to Santa Cruz I wrote the implementation agreement with the partner Cejis for this project.
2006 – for National Cenasca Cisl since 26th September 2006 (UNSC document record: N.39977/II/1) relative to the National Law 64/2001. I am a trainer for both candidates and their managers in the civil service.

Formaciones ofrecidas
Tema Niveles Idiomas
Análisis de conflicto Advanced English
Mediación y negociación Advanced English
Educación para la paz Advanced English
Consolidación de la paz Basic English
  • Público en general
  • Jóvenes
  • Personal de ONG
  • Trabajadores sociales
  • Profesores
  • Observing Human Rights_Movimondo Molisv_Rome 11-15 December 2000
  • Trainer of Master in Intercultural Religious Conflict_University of Pisa-Cisp_2006
  • Trainer for Civil Service Objection_National Cenasca Cisl_Rome, 2006
  • Trainer of International Summer School: "Civil Peace Corps and International Cooperation"_University of Bologna, 2009
  • IELTS Test_Academic Overall band score: 7:00_Perth Institute of Business and Technology_Australia, 2010
Formaciones a medida  Yes
  • Public Speaking
  • Conflict management
  • workshop facilitator
2009 – Author with contribution of E. Berardi of: “Un possible percorso al servizio civile all’estero: i Corpi Civili di Pace”(A Path to Civil Service Abroad: Civil Peace Corps), published by Copresc Forlì-Cesena, Italy.
2005 – Co-author of “Eticando” a small guide to critical and responsible shopping for Forlì-Cesena province.
2001 – Author of “Non solo proteste, ma proposte e metodo dei GLOBAL dal volto umano” (Proposal, not only Protest about Globalisation).
1994 – Author of “Give Peace a Chance!” Army and Weapons Taxes Objection Campaign Edition, Conscientious Service Association, Forlì, Italy.
1992 – Author of “Resistenza nonviolenta a Forlì”(Nonviolent Resistance in Forlì), La Meridiana Publication, Molfetta, Bari, with a post-edition by Prof. Antonino Drago member of the Italian Peace Research Institute. Republished by Edizioni Risguardi in 2015 (ISBN: 978-88-97287-67-4).
University of florence
Faculty of Political Science,  Bachelor degree
11/1983 - 4/1990
Florence,  Italia
Coventry university
Master of Arts,  Ma in peace and reconciliation studies
9/2010 - 11/2011
Coventry,  Reino unido

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